Chaos War Comes to an End

The main event of last year has finally come to an end, thank god. Even though it was a decent tale, considering the whole predictability of the whole thing, it still brought a smile to my face to see all the heroes reunited against a common foe, the Chaos King.

The thing is though, is that Chaos War is just another “Life Changing event the will turn the Marvel universe around forever” event, that Marvel have been pushing out by the bucket load for the past few years. All we need right now is a break, so we can focus on reading one or two books featuring our favorite characters, instead of having to spend tons of money on all the tie-ins that come with “large” events like these. There have been plenty of story lines in one book that have been as big as a huge event, like Planet Hulk, or Spider Man Brand New Day, and with the upcoming Fear Itself event this year, Marvel really really need to rethink their strategy, or else readers like me will have to something, we can’t afford to buy all these huge events for crying out loud.



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I like comics, reading and hanging out with my friends. I am a Hulk fan(not a fanboy) and I play rugby, as the flanker or the winger.
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