Thunderbolts #144

The Thunderbolts#144.

Written By Jeff Parker, Drawn By Kev Walker

I love the Thunderbolts, after reading from their very origin in the pages of the Incredible Hulk, up to their status as a premier super team. This issue provides regular reader like me with a fresh start and allows new reader to pick up the issue as a starting point.

The Story

The story is a team recruitment  tale, with Luke Cage choosing the team and a flashback featuring Steve Rogers and Luke before or after revealing who the chosen were showing a reason for the character being chosen as to give a basis for what part on the team they will play as the book progresses. This issue shows a promising new start to the new team, which has possibly the wildest roster on a Marvel team so far.This is a book that, for the first time in recent memory, I picked up primarily because of the characters involved. I mean, Crossbones? Juggernaut? The freaking Man-Thing? That’s the kicker right there. I’m a firm believer that we could all use a bit more Man-Thing in our comics, and if this issue is any indication, Parker is just the writer to give it to us.

Yay Man-thing!!


The Pros and Cons

The really good part I found about this line up was that their was no overlapping powersets, I mean sometimes it can make a good story but it really can get tedious when a team has a couple of individuals with the exact same powers at the exact same levels. Check out the ongoing Incredible Hulks comic to see what I mean.

Anyway, the story is simple enough, really just getting the group together, letting the readers know what the upcoming issues could contain, as a team with such a good line up, could lead to endless stories.

Writing and Art

I am not familiar with who Kev Walker is or what he has done in the past, but the art really pops off the page at me. It shows a combo of great colors, character anatomy and is really slick and nice to look at, It strikes me as a mix of Ed McGuinnesses Cartoony style combined with Ariel Olivetti’s painting style, that really huts the nail on the head.

The writing by Jeff Parker was good, but then again it wasn’t a hard story to tell. BUT knowing what he has done with Red Hulk with Gabriel Hardman on art, which was good considering the butchery committed by Jeff Loeb, I think he could write potentially the best story on this book since Warren Ellis

All in all this issue gets 8/10



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