Chaos War Comes to an End

The main event of last year has finally come to an end, thank god. Even though it was a decent tale, considering the whole predictability of the whole thing, it still brought a smile to my face to see all the heroes reunited against a common foe, the Chaos King.

The thing is though, is that Chaos War is just another “Life Changing event the will turn the Marvel universe around forever” event, that Marvel have been pushing out by the bucket load for the past few years. All we need right now is a break, so we can focus on reading one or two books featuring our favorite characters, instead of having to spend tons of money on all the tie-ins that come with “large” events like these. There have been plenty of story lines in one book that have been as big as a huge event, like Planet Hulk, or Spider Man Brand New Day, and with the upcoming Fear Itself event this year, Marvel really really need to rethink their strategy, or else readers like me will have to something, we can’t afford to buy all these huge events for crying out loud.


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Top 10 Hulk VS Thing Battles

Its been a long six days since my last post on this blog, and when I said one post a week at the very least I hope this making within the deadline will satisfy your needs for your regular dose of The Realm Of Comicdom.

The First Part of the Hulk VS Thing Battles will contain the bottom five fights they have had throughout the years, with each battle having a short review and why it ranked in the list as it did.


World War Hulk #2

Now many of you may be a bit surprised as to why this fight is ranked as it did. The simple answer is, the fight wasn’t all together that interesting to read. It was too short and I think took up all of about four pages of clobbering and smashing between the two. Well it mainly consisted of Ben Grimm laying into the Hulk not doing to much damage whatsoever, and Hulk taking him out in two freaking panels. The upside to the fight was that it was the first time where the Hulk completely annihilated the FF, just showing how powerful he was. I mean usually Ben could hold him off for a whole issue, but this just wasn’t the case.

Hulk “Clobbers” the Thing



Fantastic Four #12

This fight was featured in issue 12 of the original FF run, written and drawn by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Hulk was guest star in this issue, after his own series has been cancelled after a measly 6 issues. This was the fight that got him the popularity he deserved, and got him into the Avengers. Anyway at this point The Thing was considered the strongest person earth, even more than the Hulk at this point, so this fight would hopefully prove who was the strongest of the two. The fight was a Kirby Classic featuring the two basing each other all over the place until the Hulk in knocked out by a ray shot by the true villain in the comic. This was full of action and showed how even the two characters where at this point, the only downside being, that neither won of the other, keeping the arguement unsettled between the two.



Fantastic Four #112

This fight was the most entertaining of all so far, lasting a whole issue and showed who the stronger of the two really was. The Thing actually held his own with the Hulk for a while by moving quickly, throwing thing at the Hulk and not allowing the Hulk to get his hands on him.None of this those Hulk any harm, and we all know the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets, and Hulk goes crazy.The Hulk eventually gets him in a massive choke hold, almost knocking him out, but The Thing trips him up, freeing himself.

The fight continues with The Thing slowly getting overpowered by the Hulk.Eventually Alicia is almost injured by debris ad The Thing turning his, head leaves himself open to a knock out blow by the Hulk, almost killing him.



Fantastic Four # 166-167

The Hulk encounters the Fantastic Four, with the Thing feeling especially monstrous. The FF fight the Hulk, with Reed Richards wrapping himself around the Hulk, allowing The Invisible Woman to block his airflow weakening him, allowing The Thing to land a knock out blow


The Thing wasn’t happy about how this fight was turning out and leaves the FF to chill with the Hulk. They both decide to attack the FF again, and Reed blasts The thing with a ray, revealing that he was being controlled by his own physiology. The fight rally begins between the Hulk and The Thing, until The Thing is knocked of a bridge, and turns into Ben Grimm from the delayed effects of the ray. The Hulk leaps away from the battle, leaving who he though was his friend


Marvel Fanfare # 21

The Thing and Hulk start their fight in this issue with the Hulk being mind controlled by one of Dr Strange’s old foes. The Thing holds his own quite well until Hulk fight the mind control and returns to his old self.  Hulk’s head still hurt from all the mind control and when he saw the Thing he out two and two together, thinking he had been fighting the Thing  . The only downside to this fight was it largely the Hulk laying the beatdown on the Thing with The Thing not even fighting back., due to the fact he didn’t stand a chance. The rest of the fight is the Hulk chasing the Thing as he runs back to Dr Strange’s sanctum sanctorium. The Hulk completely dominated in this fight, but wasn’t able to knock out the Thing.

This fight was very fun to read, and I chose it as it contained some humor,  and wasn’t a totally serious fight, which most of the fights on this list usually are.


Fantastic Four #320

The Hulk was contacted by Dr Doom to fight the Thing, which was a good idea as the Hulk usually beats the Thing with his superior strength. Unfortunately both the Thing and the Hulk had changed. The Thing had become above a class 100 bruiser, with his new mutation which made him look like an orange pineapple , while the Hulk had become his famous Joe Fixit persona, with strength level beginning at 75 tons.

This fight was a straight out slugfests between the two, with Hulk holding his own against the hugely powerful Thing, until  he gets the Thing begins breaking out of his choke holds, he begins to lose confidence. The Hulk proceeds to clobbered by The Thing, until Dr Doom interrupts the fight with a green Hulk robot. This fight was great as it reversed the roles completely, with the Hulk being the weaker one of the two, and even better, the fight actually continued into the next issue of The Incredible Hulk.



The Incredible Hulk #350

This is a continuation of the of the fight in FF #320. After being beaten by the Thing, Dr Doom uses reverse psychology to make the Hulk want to fight the Thing again, and Hulk realizes that he has to fight with his new found brains, that came with his lack of power. The Hulk robot has been destroyed by the Thing, and the Hulk leads The Thing into central park.  The Hulk pops out very once in a while, punches Thing, and then disappears. Thing gets exhausted chasing him around and only realizes at the end that he is fighting the Hulk and that the Hulk was just leaping around while he was running. Hulk knocks Thing into the water of a lake, and after nearly drowning the Thing allows him to get back to the surface. There Hulk knocks out Thing one more time. This fight was one of the most interesting fight written by the great Peter David, showing a completely style of fighting by the Hulk who has to think instead of just out muscling the Thing as he usually does. I like how each character won part of the fight in their respective book.


HULK/THING Hard Knocks #1-4

These four issues of this great mini-series really emphasizes the rivalry between the Hulk and the Thing. The story begins with the two title characters meeting up in a desert bar, and they start discussing their fights and who’s stronger, etc. The fight doesn’t even begin until issue 3, they just spend their time talking about the fight in FF #12, but when it does it has to be one of the best drawn fights between the two. The fight begins when the army attack the bar where they are sitting, revealing the Thing was followed. The Hulk loses his temper and they battle back and forth, with Hulk starting to really beat the Thing until the Thing deflects an army missile from hitting the Hulk.



Fantastic Four #534-535

This fight occurred just before the Planet Hulk storyline. Th Hulk is caught in another gamma explosion, and starts a rampage in L.A. The FF are called in to defeat him, and they don’t realize that Hulk isn’t seeing them, instead he is seeing images from his life. He and the Thing begin to fight in the desert with the Thing holding his own, due to the Hulk not actually concentrating on the fight. He leaps into LA and him and the Thing really start to fight, which ends with a brutal blow by the Hulk, which breaks the Things ribs. He is afraid the Hulk will kill him, until he rids the visions from his head and calls of the fight.

I liked this fight as it showed what the Hulk could do to the Thing if he was trying to kill him, and it gave me more respect for the Thing, as even though he knew he was outgunned, he always gave his best, risking his life against the strongest one there is.


Incredible Hulk Annual #18

This was a very unusual fight, as it wasn’t really a fight of such, it was an arm wrestle, between the Professor Hulk and The Thing. They start the arm wrestle with the Hulkhaving a higher base strength at the beginning, but the Thing holds his own with the fight going back and forth. The two don’t even notice all the super-villains trying to attack them, and end up defeating them all by their arm wrestling arms hitting them as they arm wrestle. The fight ends in a stale mate with the table and chairs breaking underneath them. The hulk mustn’t have been getting angry as his strength didn’t increase as the “fight” went on, keeping his strength at an even level, allowing the Thing to fight back.


Fantastic Four #25

One of the greatest battles ever to see print. The fighting starts out fairly even, but the longer the fight goes on the more evident it is that Hulk is just too much for Thing to handle. Thing keeps trying to find a way to stop Hulk, but Hulk just keeps plowing onward into Thing. Hulk gets bored with beating on Thing and smacks him to the ground. This story was a great fight to read, drawn by Jack Kirby and written by Stan Lee, the Thing and the Hulk had their fated rematch. This fight was ended completely without any other person getting involved, showing that even though the Hulk may be even with the Thing in terms of strength at the beginning of the fight, the Hulk eventually will beat him with his ever increasing power.







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I won’t actually have access to a computer in the next few days so the next post up will be an epic review of the top ten the slugfests that  The Incredible Hulk and The Ever-lovin’ Thing have had through out the years.  They will be put in order in my opinion what battles ranked and why. It won’t just be comics as there was some pretty decent fights done in the cartoons and I will post a link to those as well. So keep watching for the upcoming post

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Thunderbolts #144

The Thunderbolts#144.

Written By Jeff Parker, Drawn By Kev Walker

I love the Thunderbolts, after reading from their very origin in the pages of the Incredible Hulk, up to their status as a premier super team. This issue provides regular reader like me with a fresh start and allows new reader to pick up the issue as a starting point.

The Story

The story is a team recruitment  tale, with Luke Cage choosing the team and a flashback featuring Steve Rogers and Luke before or after revealing who the chosen were showing a reason for the character being chosen as to give a basis for what part on the team they will play as the book progresses. This issue shows a promising new start to the new team, which has possibly the wildest roster on a Marvel team so far.This is a book that, for the first time in recent memory, I picked up primarily because of the characters involved. I mean, Crossbones? Juggernaut? The freaking Man-Thing? That’s the kicker right there. I’m a firm believer that we could all use a bit more Man-Thing in our comics, and if this issue is any indication, Parker is just the writer to give it to us.

Yay Man-thing!!


The Pros and Cons

The really good part I found about this line up was that their was no overlapping powersets, I mean sometimes it can make a good story but it really can get tedious when a team has a couple of individuals with the exact same powers at the exact same levels. Check out the ongoing Incredible Hulks comic to see what I mean.

Anyway, the story is simple enough, really just getting the group together, letting the readers know what the upcoming issues could contain, as a team with such a good line up, could lead to endless stories.

Writing and Art

I am not familiar with who Kev Walker is or what he has done in the past, but the art really pops off the page at me. It shows a combo of great colors, character anatomy and is really slick and nice to look at, It strikes me as a mix of Ed McGuinnesses Cartoony style combined with Ariel Olivetti’s painting style, that really huts the nail on the head.

The writing by Jeff Parker was good, but then again it wasn’t a hard story to tell. BUT knowing what he has done with Red Hulk with Gabriel Hardman on art, which was good considering the butchery committed by Jeff Loeb, I think he could write potentially the best story on this book since Warren Ellis

All in all this issue gets 8/10


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A New Year Of Reviews

The year 2011 signaled the death of my previous blog, which to be honest had begun to go down the drain in terms of posts and overall attractiveness. So I decided to create the ”Realm  Of Comicdom” a blog dedicated to comics spanning across Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and all the other companies out there. There will be at least one new post every week, featuring something comic related, for all you comic book geeks.

The comics reviewed won’t necessarily be the new ones out on the shelves, but will consist of comics from my extensive collection , but I will hopefully review a couple of new ones, as well as the iconic classics and storylines.

So catch up with the Realm Of Comicdom and bookmark the site for your fill of Comics!!

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